Secret writing

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Here’s the inimitable Leslie Leyland Fields on writing even when we’re not writing—what my friend Katie Boone calls “secret writing”:

I was alone, my boots sliding on the gravel trail. But it was not long before I thought of the book I was working on, on forgiving our fathers and mothers. I thought of the article I was trying to end, the final sentence telling the truth about keeping faith with the world. I thought of this space here and the words I would write.
And they are with me, words, ideas, the ones I try to herd into meaning find me even here, in the forest. I write them down on paper in my pocket. I record them on my voice memo. I speak the words I am writing now. They find me no matter where I go. This is the burden of writing. (read more)

Do you feel that burden? Do you write when you’re not writing?

3 thoughts on “Secret writing

      1. Oh… depends on what you like. If you like a good ending I would read “The Gift”, if you like a bit of sci-fi try “The Hallway”, and if you like humor maybe “The Choice” or “Diary of a Zombie”. Let me know what you think.

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