Leadership Lessons Pulled From the Junkyard

Roy grew up in a junkyard, which taught him that even the unlikeliest characters can get the job done . . . and often right under the noses of the powerful and privileged. Roys sees that in Scripture too. Looking at the Bible through the lens of leadership—and vice versa—allows him to celebrate and cultivate the leadership ability of all people, not just those our culture assumes will lead. This book’s edgy sense of humor is centered on a grace-filled heart, making it a fresh and effective addition to our necessary conversation about true leadership.

Antonio Neri, President and CEO Hewlett Packard Enterprise

* * *

Every story in Salvaged is true.

Well . . . mostly true. A born storyteller, Roy’s not above exaggerating every now and then. But the rats raining down from the rafters? And the homemade bazooka? One hundred percent accurate!

Roy’s experienced a lot over the years. He grew up in a junkyard and on a farm. He runs a commercial real estate business in Silicon Valley and his nonprofit educates and empowers families in Belize. He tries to follow Jesus and tries to admit when he screws things up.

So hop in his ’63 Chevy pickup and ride through 31 of his most memorable stories about following Jesus and leading in life. No matter what your job is, the surprising, wise, and laugh-out-loud funny insights in Salvaged will help you lead with greater purpose and confidence.

* * *

Salvaged: Leadership Lessons Pulled From the Junkyard


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