Metaphors for writing


Creative writing

is headlights on a dark road

is a way into the forest

is a way out

is a mountain we can only ever see part of

is a mirror

is a hammer to shape reality

is how we see what we think

is both/and

What do you think creative writing is?

(Most of these are floating around in our global writerly consciousness already;
I’m not claiming to have invented them.)

9 thoughts on “Metaphors for writing

  1. One writer said that in his charactet creation (paraphrase), “It is all I can do to keep up with him, and record all he says and does.”

    Writing is empathy
    Writing is letting slip the dogs of war
    Writing is declaring yourself worthy of record

  2. Although lately I seem to communicate with you around allusions to alcohol, I would add to the list that writing is a “distillation of reality.” Like good scotch, a final product that is only a small fraction–fashioned and coerced by the labors of the “creative”– of a larger grain universe, writing makes no pretense to the whole. Hopefully, writing’s particular beauty forces (coerces, leads, entices, haunts) the reader to see the larger reality.

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