Guest Post: Every Damned Tangle and Knot

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This morning I have a guest post up at Ross Gale’s blog. It’s part of a series he’s doing on creativity. The whole series is worth a read. From Ross:

The Bereshit Bara Creativity Series asks 13 Creatives to wrestle with how they make the first move, write the first word, fling the first brush stroke, peel back the first layer of clay? What inspires them, what moves them, what drives them? I’d also like to hear from YOU. Send me your thoughts or a link to your post wrestling with these questions at

If you comment on today’s post you will be entered into a drawing to win David’s book Rookie Dad: Thoughts on First-Time FatherhoodI’ll announce the winner over the weekend.

Creativity Series: David Jacobsen “Every Damned Tangle and Knot”

Head on over to Ross’s blog and let me know what you think in his comments.

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